Free Water Butts and Skip on Site

We wanted to give you a quick update on 2 things happening on site at the moment. As part of the council’s investment into improving Cardiff’s allotment sites, we’ll be provided with 24 water butts for rainwater collection. We’d like to place these around the site on various plots and would like to know if you’d like one of these on your plot?
Please note, these water butts will remain the property of the Colchester Avenue Allotment Association and we reserve the right to move the butts if we see fit or if you vacate the plot. If you’d like a water butt on your plot, please contact us here and let us know. We have 24 water butts so if more than 24 people reply, we will draw names from a hat.

Secondly, we’re having a skip delivered to the site on March 18th and will be available over the weekend for people to place any rubbish from their plots. The skip will be in the usual place near the wood and green waste dumping areas at the top of the site.
Previously people have brought their own household rubbish and items like microwaves and have dumped the items in the skip instead of using one of the free Cardiff tips. Please do not do this, this skip is for plot rubbish only, and a reminder that the area the area the skip will be located is covered by CCTV 27/7.


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