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The Colchester Avenue Allotments is located in the Penylan ward in Cardiff. It serves a large area of East Cardiff including Plasnewedd, Penylan, Llanederyn and Pentwyn (check out the interactive map of the allotment site and local area here). It is the second largest allotment site in Cardiff with 6.6 hectares [16 acres] divided into over 300 plots. The Colchester Avenue Allotments Association (CAAA) runs the Colchester Avenue Allotments site under a local management agreement with the landlord, Cardiff City Council.

Our site is south facing with soil which has been worked as allotments for over 80 years. It is secured by fences all round our perimeter. We have a shop which is usually open around midday when the weather is fine. The shop sells organic and chemical fertilisers, composts, runner bean poles and seed potatoes & onion sets in season. We have equipment for loan: a heavy duty strimmer & loppers for keeping grass and brambles under control; and a rotovator. Safety gear is provided as is the fuel.

The Association holds an annual General Meeting which elects a committee which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the site. Plotholders are encouraged to help out with the periodic work parties.


In recent years, we have been able to obtain grants to:

  • Form a new vehicle entrance to replace the one which was proving. too narrow for delivery vehicles.
  • Re-surface the most corroded roadways on our site.
  • Provide a site toilet
  • Increase the number of water points.
  • Clear derelict plots for letting. In future years, we plan to complete the resurfacing of the roadways; complete the clearing of overgrown plots and continue to expand the number of water points.

Cardiff has 27 different allotment sites around the city with varying levels of facilities. Our site is situated at the end of Hammond Way, just off Colchester Avenue.

Registered as a category B site, the site benefits from water supplies around the site and fully made up tarmac roads. At the site we have also installed toilet facilities as well as a site shop that is well stocked with supplies you may need for making the most out of your plot.

The current prices for allotments can be found on the Cardiff council website. Sizes are quotes in perches, an old imperial measurement, and on our site, we have plots varying size from 3 to 10 perches with the council equating a 1 perch as 25m² exactly.





How to apply for a plot

Applications for an allotment need to be made directly to Cardiff Council as applicants need to be registered on their waiting list for an allotment. Sometimes longer waiting times for these lists are quoted than are actual so don’t let that put you off. You can contact them directly on 029 2233 0235 or visit their website using the link below Apply now with Cardiff council to get a plot at Colchester Avenue Allotment site

Visit the Council Allotment Site Or call now on 029 2233 0235

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