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For those who don’t know, we have our own shop on site. We have a selection of allotment essentials for sale as well as seasonal products like seeds, starter plants and more. We’re located near the centre of our site next to the shop and meeting room (see our map here)

We’re open on alternating Saturdays and Sundays between 12 pm and 2 pm. Our next 5 opening times are:

Our Price List

Click each item for more information. Also, check out our Facebook group for information on seasonal products like starter plants and seeds which we supply throughout the growing season. Currently, we have a selection of starter plants including chilli peppers, cauliflower, cabbages, marigolds and peas with plants starting at 20p each. We also have a selection of seeds for only £1 a pack.

  • General Multi-purpose Compost 50 litre - £5

    A modern precision compost created to help retain water and nutrients. Multi-purpose compost is produced from the finest quality moss peat from ecological managed licensed peat bogs and not from any SSSI (sites of special scientific interest)
  • Rocket Gro Peat-Free Compost 50 litre - £7

    A totally organic, natural and 100% peat-free UK made multi-purpose compost. Better than peat as it feeds, adds microbes, and supports fabulous root growth for a whole range of plants. Use for all pots larger than 10cm (4′), window boxes, planters and tubs and hanging baskets, for all plants other than seedlings and acid-loving ericaceous plants. Naturally slowly feeds your plants for 3 Months and screened to balance water retention and drainage. 100% peat free, vegan friendly. Animal safe, renewable organic UK source.
  • Multi-purpose farmyard Manure 50 litre - £5

    For use all around the garden. It’s ideal for mulching & soil conditioning, perfect for Roses, fruit & vegetables, as well as trees & shrubs
  • Vitax 6x Organic Fertiliser 15kg - £9

    Ideal for all soils, flowers, lawns, vegetables, shrubs and trees, 6X Natural Fibrous Fertiliser is popular amongst all gardeners. Highly concentrated, 6X Natural Fibrous is a traditional chicken fertiliser and 100% natural. Cost-effective and efficient, one sack is equivalent to six to eight sacks of farm manure. Containing all the nutrients and trace elements that plants and crops require, the fibrous, organic content conditions the soil while it feeds the plants. Fully composted and weed-free, 6X Natural Fibrous Fertiliser only requires one application as it continues to work right through the season.
  • 7-7-7 Growmore Fertiliser - £1.50 per Kilo/2lbs or £22 a bag

    Growmore 7-7-7 is a well known balance NPK suitable as a short general feed. Growmore fertiliser offers​ a multi-purpose planting fertiliser that is ideal for use in the garden. Growmore can also be used on established plants as a balanced feed. Growmore 7-7-7​ Application: For ideal results, Growmore should be worked directly into the soil during dry weather. Make sure to water the soil before and after planting. When To Apply: Apply between February and October, and for best results, apply every 4-6 weeks
  • Granulated Garden Lime - £1 per Kilo/2lbs

    Perfect for countering acidic soil and increasing the pH levels. Suitable for all gardens soils, helps plants grow healthily and remain sturdy year-round. Best to be applied in spring and autumn on a day with no rain. Ideal for usage with Brassicas, and for preventing Club Root in established or new gardens. Application Rate: 50g – 70g /sqm or 300g (Top Dressing) /sqm (raises pH by 0.5 approximately).
  • Granulated Blood, Fish and Bone - £1.30 per Kilo/2lbs

    Use blood fish and bone by hand. Always cover your hand with plastic gloves. You can also feed with a small measuring cup such as those you will find on top of liquid fertilizer bottles. The trick is to use blood fish and bone sparingly and always mix it well with the soil and water the mixture. Fish blood and bone meal is a slow-release fertilizer. Blood fish and bone meal will not only strengthen garden plants, lawns, fruits and vegetables, it also improves the soil, the life of the bacteria in the soil and beneficial fungi such as mycorrhyza and micro bacteria. Each soil has also a saturation level of nutrients it can absorb: when there is too much fertilizer in the ground the plants will not use it and the precious fertilizer will run off or leach. Soil bacteria use some of the fertilizers, in particular fish meal, for their own growth and well being which encourages early-season microbial life.
  • 8 Foot (2.4 meter) Garden Canes - 60p each or £5 for 10

    Heavy-duty canes for supporting plants and shrubs and used to create growing frames in allotment beds. Clean and infestation free. Width between 8 – 16mm.


We try to keep our prices as low as possible with some items being sold at cost. However, if our supplier raises prices, which has happened recently, we will have to raise our prices to accommodate this. The price list here and in the shop will always display our latest prices.

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