Join Naturehood and help reverse wildlife decline

Naturehood is a community project from Earthwatch Europe, working to reverse wildlife decline by providing you with tips and ideas to help your local wildlife.

Once you join Naturehood, they’ll give you the tools so you can take positive action right on your door step. Naturehood’s website tell us:

“Naturehood empowers you to take positive action for the wildlife on your doorstep, and helps us understand what actions have the best impact on wildlife across the UK. When you create your free Naturehood account, you can access all our resources that will help you take action. You’ll get ideas and inspiration, as well as step-by-step guides.

You’ll be part of a UK-wide conservation project. You can see what’s going on across the nation and find your local group to connect with your neighbourhood. You can keep up to date with what’s going on for wildlife in your area and support each other! As a Naturehood member, you can take part in surveys that will help you discover all the wildlife that calls your space home. These surveys contribute to our scientific research, which looks at how actions for wildlife can have the most impact.

You can take part in Naturehood with a garden, patio, balcony, allotment, communal green space or even a window box. We call these areas Naturespaces.

Your Naturespaces have an important role to play in reversing wildlife decline. If all UK gardens were turned into nature-friendly places, it would create a wildlife haven over 430,000 hectares in size!”

So make your mark and help us reverse wildlife decline, visit Naturehood today.


*Please note CAAA are not affiliated with Earthwatch or Naturehood, only reporting on the good work they do.

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