AGM 2019 Newsletter


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on April 24th 2019 in the Penylan Club

Present: R Kay [400] (Convener), R Williams [59], V Donnelly [75], S Place [3], M Wass [135], S Finch [167], C Joll [32B], A. Judge (153B), P Thurlbeck [309B], C. Pritchard (137A), J Wheeler (140), N. Drew (8), G. Drew (13), E + T Stephens [136B], K Boddington [79B], E + S Kay [19], P Watson [48], S Goddard [67A], C Campagli [60A], J Sanders + S Aubrey [24A], Ian McCormick [119B/118B], K + J Shine [117A], D Harris [412B], S David [174], G Sims [33B], A Hare [411], D Hare [181], G Baezoni + A Guy [ 80B/ 83B], K Oyston [125B]D + J Butterick [27B], J Witts [144], P Barratt [402], A Jones [16]

Apologies: J Goss [79] W. Morris [319A], V Finch [56], G. Brady [57], E + P Atherfold [4], J Richmond [1B], L Cronin [14B], S Carter [129A], A Price [112A],E + L Hazell [73B], D Margan [61A+B], N + M Jones [410], K Brock [304], S Callaghan [27A], S Taherian [40], E Dare [127A], A Williams [17A+B], D Sims [159B], R Crodon [152B], T Christoldo [116A], N Albrow [22A], S Grubb [23A], S Ansell [ 64B], H Karaman [33A], C Al-Khanchi [183], K Nicholas [209], A + J Herman [128A], Z Clegg [103B], G Johns [70B], J Hughes [155A], L Jones

The Convener welcomed plot holders to the 20th AGM and reminded members that only plot holders could register to vote.

2. Apologies – above

3. Minutes of the 2018 AGM held on 20th April 2018
These were agreed to be a correct record and were signed by the Convener.

4. Matters arising
None was raised.

5. Renewal of LMA for 2019 – 2020
Convener explained the principle of the Self-Management Agreement. We are signed up to Level 3, which means we get a higher income from the Council, but we have to pay for our water.
Vic Donnelly was invited to explain the situation with the water supply as there has been a problem with the supply over the past few months.
Vic explained that the water system on site is the property and responsibility of the Council. We have a responsibility to maintain the troughs, the Council for the underground water pipes.
Unfortunately, there are no records of the position of the pipes, but over time, Vic has been able to plot where they are.
Last year, there was a very serious leak, leading to Welsh Water issuing a warning to the Council that, unless the leak was repaired, they would be fined. This was eventually found and a contractor was called in by the Council to carry out a repair.
At the time, Vic was in the process of installing valves so that areas of the site could be isolated.
A further leak w, significantly smaller than the first one, was then detected. Welsh Water decided the water had to be turned off. It has since been re-instated.
The Allotments Officer visited the site, after numerous requests over a 6-month period, and, with the contractor, agreed to the fitting of isolating valves. Unfortunately, these were not the type Vic had requested – to which he could have attached meters.
Vic has continued to try to find the source of the leak and has carried out repairs on some troughs, which do deteriorate over the winter months.
Currently, water is turned on for some hours each day to ensure the troughs are kept topped up.
Vic emphasised the importance of harvesting rainwater on EVERY plot, as it is likely that using drinking water to water gardens is unlikely to meet with approval in the future.

In view of this, our water supply is a big issue in terms of our budget. If we remain on L3 for the LMA, we continue to be responsible for paying the water bill. However, if we do so, we do get a higher grant from the Council and we are able to control the water supply, giving us a chance to identify and rectify the current leak.
If we went to L2, the Council would be responsible for the water bills, but they would almost certainly turn the water off.
The Convenor pointed out that, if the members felt strongly that we should revert to L2, we would have to give the Council 3 months notice. The Convenor told the meeting that this would be kept under review.

The recommendation of the Committee would be to renew the LMA on L3 for 2019-20, UNLESS we are unable to solve the problem, in which case we would seek the approval of members to return to L2.
There was unanimous agreement from the members at the AGM that the LMA be renewed for 2019-20 and remain on L3.

6. Chairman’s Report
In the absence of the Chairman, the report was presented by Roger Williams.
Thanks were extended to members of the Committee for all the work done on the site and for the various roles they have undertaken.
Thanks were also extended to those plot holders who have helped with work parties, and to Craig Smith in particular for all his willing work around the site as well as with school parties who have visited during the year.
Further visits have been arranged with schools, as well as a bug hunt in May.

7. Site Secretary’s report
The Secretary told the meeting of her intention to step down from the Committee at the next AGM.
She also thanked the members for their support of the idea of reducing the size of plots, when large plots become vacant. This has been a resounding success and has increased the number of plots being let.
She also thanked those plot holders who regularly attend work parties. As a result, the site is looking far better than it has been, even 12 months ago.
Roger Kay did raise a point – that when plots are cleared, a lot of carpet is often found. This is banned by the Council, is heavy to dispose of and toxic for the soil. He asked all members to point this out to other plot holders if they see it being brought on to the site.

8. Teasurer’s Report
Not available online, please ask a committee member if you’d like a copy of the treasurers report.

The audited accounts were unanimously accepted by the meeting.

9. Shop Report
Roger Kay presented this report in the absence of Val Finch.
The shop is in profit, thanks to all the plot holders who support it.
Val takes in surplus plants, which are sold in the shop, the money from these sales go to the site funds.
Unfortunately, such donations left outside the shop during the week do disappear. PLEASE take any such donations to Craig Smith (Plot 412) and he will pass them on to Val at the weekend.

10. Convener for 2019
Clause P3 of the constitution of the Association requires that a Convener chairs the AGM, chosen by plot holders attending the AGM. Roger Williams proposed that Roger Kay be appointed for 2020.
The meeting agreed unanimously that Roger Kay should serve as the Convener for the 2020 AGM.

11. Elections
After checking the nomination forms, the Convener declared that there were no other nominations, therefore the current Committee would continue
Chair:- Julian Goss
Secretary:- Angharad Jones
Treasurer:- Steven Place
Storekeeper:- Val Finch
Site Manager:- Roger Kay
Plot Letting:- Roger Williams
Webmaster:- Gavin Sims
Member posts on the Executive Committee:-
Vic Donnelly, Sue Finch and Jeff Witts (Caroline Joll – co-opted member)

12. Appointment of Auditor
Mohamad Moulani was proposed as Auditor. This was unanimously agreed.

13. AOB
• Intrusion on the site –
1 chicken was killed, 2 were damaged after being kicked.
Sheds were also vandalised.
The advice is NOT TO LOCK your shed and DO NOT leave any power tools or mechanical tools as they are stolen and sold. A water trough was also damaged.
The Police responded quickly and came to the site – scenes of crime took away a wrecking bar, which had been used to damage the trough
• Theft on a different occasion – Fruit trees and bushes removed from the ground. There was a discussion around using cameras These can be stolen Who would maintain and monitor the cameras?
• Jeff Witts extended thanks to Sharron David (Plot 174) on behalf of everyone on site, for all the work she has done clearing the edge of the access road.

• Gavin Sims explained what he has done on the new website. He handed out leaflets to explain

• If you want to join the new forums on the website, contact Gavin ( to obtain a logon

• Caroline Joll was co-opted onto the Committee

The meeting closed at 8.30pm and the Convener thanked the members for attending.

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