What and How to Recycle at Home – Easy to use Tool

With more items being left at the allotment site which should be recycled by plot-holders at home and NOT left on site, we wanted to show you this handy tool which shows you exactly how to recycle your items at home.

To find out how and where to recycle a specific item, select “Where to Recycle a specific item”, then choose the item(s) you wish to recycle and click “Continue”, then enter your postcode, town or city and select “Search” and you’ll be provided with details on how and where to recycle.

To find out what you can recycle at home and how, select “What to put in your recycling at home”, then enter your postcode and click “Continue”. You’ll then be shown all your recycling options, including what to put in which bin etc, as well as details on ordering new bags, arrange a bulky item collection etc.

And if you wish to know where your nearest recycling centre is, select “Find your nearest recycling locations”, enter a postcode, town or city to be provided a full list of places who recycle as well as a list of what they recycle.

The above tool is courtesy of Recycle Now

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