Coronavirus update for plot-holders

Many plot holders have contacted us querying whether they can go up to their plot while on lockdown. In short, yes visiting your plot can count as your daily exercise session as recommended by the government.

Of course you need to continue to keep the social distancing rules of 2 meters and keep up with the increased hygiene measures. Use hand sanitizer when you’re able to, and the water on-site is switched on, and although it’s cold water, used with anti-bacterial hand wash will allow you to keep yourself as protected as possible.

The on-site toilet will be closed until further notice, as are any communal facilities like the shop.

And Cardiff Council have provided the following advice:

To all allotment holders, please follow the instructions below:

  • If you are self-isolating, do not enter the site.
  • Observe social distancing with each other, keep 2 metres apart and minimise contact with each other.
  • Keep hand sanitiser with you and use it regularly, particularly before and after opening and closing gates and handling padlocks.
  • Wear disposable gloves and change these regularly.
  • Do not share tools. Wipe your own tools down after use.
  • Do not wash your hands in water troughs.
  • Stay on your own plot, do not enter other plots, even if you have had prior permission

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