CAAA Discount Seed Scheme 2020 Details

The CAAA discount seed scheme with Dobie’s from last year is back and now even easier; aside from using the catalogue, you can order online using a discount code to take advantage of the discounts! The scheme will enable all plot-holders to buy any Dobies seeds at 50% of the normal price and 15% of many other items.

With this offer code, for CAAA members only, can be used any number of times up to August 2021, you can get 50% off all Dobies seeds and 15% off many other items. You can use the CAAA offer code to order online from Dobies: go to (You can also go here to go straight to the online catalogue) and put code GD4009G into the offer code box
to get the discount. Same postage rates as last year and your order will be delivered to your own address. If you would like a printed catalogue to browse through before you place your
order, you can get a copy of the ‘special group scheme edition’ of Dobies seed catalogue and order form, pre-printed with the CAAA offer code, from any committee member, or at the following times on site (Covid regulations permitting):
Saturday November 14 th – 10 -11.30 am – Near the shop on the allotment site

Saturday November 21 st – 10 – 11.30 am – Near the shop on the allotment site

At the times above you can collect a catalogue and/or hand in your completed order form, plus correct money (cash or cheque payable to Dobies of Devon, in an envelope please). I will send your order to Dobies and your items will be delivered to your own address.

If you’d like to contact Caroline for any further information, please complete the form below:

You can also call or text Gavin on 07799 777596 for a catalogue.

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